Data Security


Our Service model is based on data security and confidentiality. We ensure that the client's data is secured by adopting technical and procedural policies for data security that guarantees maximum data protection. All the employees are bound by confidentiality agreements. We follow stringent security processes for storage, retrieval and deletion of client data. All our staff is properly screened and every employee takes security and confidentiality very seriously. The procedures and systems introduced include:

  • Power-on and network passwords.
  • No direct internet access from production nodes.
  • Disabled USB interfaces and CD drives.
  • Restricted access to the server room.
  • Restricted usage of Mobile Phone in Production Area.
  • Confidentiality agreement from each employee is signed.
  • Conduct thorough background checks before hiring any resources.
  • Limited access to the Internet, email, printers and media drives.
  • Dedicated work area to maintain confidentiality and restricted physical access.
  • Client names and confidential project data are not disclosed internally.