MobiPocket/Kindle Conversion Services


Mobipocket - ebook format, based on HTML, is a format used for the distribution of eBooks. Mobipocket format is designed to read eBooks on various devices.

Aster Alliance provides Kindle/Mobipocket conversion services. We have the capability and expertise to convert any complex format files into .mobi, .azw, .prc. Attention to detail, maintaining document’s originality, customer satisfaction etc are given utmost importance at Aster.

We convert the following file format to Mobipocket/Kindle format

  • PDF to .mobi/.prc
  • Word to .mobi/.prc
  • ePub to .mobi/.prc
  • XML to .mobi/.prc
  • HTML to .mobi/.prc
  • Scanned copy to .mobi/.prc
  • TXT to .mobi/.prc
  • InDesign to .mobi/.prc
  • QuarkExpress to .mobi/.prc